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Golden India By 2000 : A Time bound programme

Some years back, 50 Top “Fortune 500” Chief Executives visited India while on a world tour. On seeing the conditions prevailing in India they were shocked. But one of them was more shocked to find out that we Indians could allow such pathetic conditions to prevail and let our fellow Indians live in so much suffering and misery.

Are we not equally responsible? Will the future forgive us?

Most of us have contributed to the Kargil Fund is some form or the other. Are our Jawans sacrificing their lives so that those in power thrive and grow richer? I want to do something more.

I want to express my gratitude to all those Mothers and Fathers who lost their sons in Kargil, and still wish they had another son to send to the altar to protect our Motherland! Salute to them!

As a humble token of my gratitude, I am here to contest the elections. I am here to register my protest and to make an impassioned plea to the future MPs and Ministers of India to think more of the Nation and fellow citizens rather than devote all their time, energy and resources to share seats, power and money; to give direction to the Nation and become the architects of Golden India.

Pondicherry, I believe, is a symbolic town where if the people come together and stand up for a what they believe in, it will gradually spread in the entire country. I am standing up for what I believe are fundamental prerequisites for a Golden India by Year 2000. One town or one Lok Sabha seat cannot change an entire Nation… true…but then, even the ocean is made up of drops...

  1. India’s first 24 Hrs. Citizen’s Office for immediate info and assistance: a single window where any citizen can walk in with any problem without fear and hesitation and expect immediate assistance and information on any issue.
  2. Free Primary Education and min. Medicare as a citizen’s basic right
  3. Dowry, one of the root causes of corruption, to be declared as a National crime, punishable by life imprisonment.
  4. Affordable Justice in Time: matters concerning common man to be classified separately for a time bound resolution. This will enhance strength and dignity to stand up against injustice and promote value based life.
  5. High priority to welfare of Teachers and Women : Who are the backbone of our Nation.
  6. A Min. Compulsory Service to the Nation by the Youth : for 6 months or 1 year all boys and girls between the age of 18 and 22 to promote Nationalism in the country. (through NCC)
  7. Senior Citizen’s Forum: a platform where experienced senior citizens can render their valuable knowledge and advice to the policy forming body.
  8. Cost of Living” Index to be determined and formulated for metros, semi metros and other towns.
    Citizen friendly Taxation and Self-Determined Income Tax: to be paid by every earning citizen below his respective “Cost of Living” Index. Slabs for IT to commence over and above this Index. This will help eliminate the feeling of guilt and fear and make every citizen an honest and proud tax payer of India.
  9. Citizen’s Charter and ID: the rights and duties of each citizen to be brought out in a booklet and made available freely through panchayats. This will help to promote transparency and accountability.
  10. Politics unlinked from opportunism, money power and crime: to put an end to corruption.
  11. Only Qualified, and Pre-Screened Politicians to contest elections: right people at the right places is the key to the future.
  12. Responsible journalism and media : a straight and factual reporting of events by the electronic and print media is crucial in building a great nation.

If you think alike and share my dream of a Golden India, share with me your love and affection too. I appeal to all to stand for the principle we represent and to strive towards carving a better future for all Indian citizens, building a Prosperous Pondicherry and a Golden India.